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Top 10 Domain Names Dos and Don’ts

Friday, June 8th, 2007

Registering the perfect domain name for your new site is very important.

If you get it wrong your website can be smacked down with a spam filter by the engines, and end up spending the rest of its miserable life on page one million of the rankings.

If you get your domain name right your website can gain a competitve edge and rise to the top of the rankings.

Don’t get me wrong; you still need to follow the other techniques I teach in My Super Affiliate Coaching Club

But if you apply what you learn here you’ll be that much closer to crushing your competition…

And winning the constant battle with the Search Engines for top rankings

Here are my top ten domain name “dos and don’ts”:

Top Domain Name Don’ts:

1. Don’t use excessive dashes in the domain name.
2. Don’t use unrelated phrases in the domain name.
3. Don’t use too many keywords in the domain name.
4. Don’t repeat the primary keyword in the domain name.

Top Domain Dos:

1. Do use the primary keyword phrase in your domain name.
2. Be as specific as possible for your keyword phrase
3. Place the primary keyword phrase at the beginning of the domain name.
4. Include commonly used related phrases in the name like “news”, “tips”, etc
5. Use attention grabbing keywords like “free”, “stop”, “warning”, etc.
6. Use top level domains like .com, .net, .info, .org, .us, etc.

I’ve actually recorded a video on this topic and it is available with all my other “Get More Traffic” video tutorial series.

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Web 2.0 – What is it and how does it work?

Wednesday, June 6th, 2007

A few months ago I was interviewed for a course about web 2.0 technology and I thought you may enjoy it.

They asked me to discuss the overall technology of Web 2.0 rather than specific traffic generation strategies.

So I discussed web 2.0’s evolution as a “programming platform”, how software like ajax makes it all possible, and a few other odds and ends that deal with web 2.0.

Here are the audio recordings from that interview:

Part 1 – Right click here to download:
Part 2 – Right click here to download:

Here’s more free web 2.0 content from Dr. Mike – check it out.


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