About Jeff Johnson

About Jeff Johnson

By Jeff Johnson • Updated May 20, 2006


Who The Heck Is Jeff Johnson Anyway?


…he is always light years ahead of the competition.

Jeff Johnson is one of the unsung superstars on the Internet

At my Traffic Secrets seminar, Jeff stood up and revealed new techniques and tactics that just blew the roof off the notion of what my attendees thought they knew about internet marketing forever.

       His detailed overview of “blog and ping”, “money sites”, and “feeder sites” soon became part of internet marketing legend.

       Jeff has his finger on the pulse of the Internet and he is always light years ahead of the competition”.

John Reese – Traffic Secrets


     My name is Jeff Johnson and for the last 2 years I’ve been quietly generating hundreds of thousands of dollars on the internet. Sometimes in as little as a single month.

     And I do so primarily by driving insane amounts of high-quality traffic to other people’s websites to buy other people’s products. I’m a “Super Affiliate”  in the truest sense of the phrase.

     I’ve only peeked my head out at two internet marketing events in the last few years. But when I have, all hell has broken loose.

     At John Reese’s Traffic Secrets Seminar back in March of 2004 I did a favor for my friend John and spent 20 minutes or so laying out a step-by-step method that anyone could use to drive tons of traffic to their sites.

     That “step-by-step method” has since come to be known as “blog and ping’.

     “Blog and ping” changed the face of internet marketing forever and people like John Reese, Yanik Silver, Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss, Jeff Walker, Dr. Mike and many more have publicly declared me the father of “blog and ping’.

     I didn’t invent it but I sure as heck squeezed every dollar I could out of it and I still do so today. Anyone who says “blog and ping is dead” is dead wrong. The rules may have changed but the game remains the same; blogs should still be a major part of your online marketing efforts.

     I also outlined a strategy for using data feeds to build hundreds of sites with hundreds of thousands of pages with the greatest of ease.

     Needless to say the 20 minutes of rock-solid content I delivered on “blog and ping” and data feeds created quite the buzz at John’s event but it was just the tip of the iceberg. There was no way I could cover every little detail of those strategies in that 20 minute time frame.

     After John’s Traffic Secrets seminar I went back underground and made John swear that he wouldn’t tell anyone how they could contact me. You see, John sold several thousand copies of his Traffic Secrets course and I agreed to let him include my “blog and ping” segment in DVD #3 “Search Engine Domination”. Man was that a mistake.

     I couldn’t go anywhere without people recognizing me from John’s DVD. I was in a public bathroom thousand of miles away from that seminar just minding my own business…  and some guy walks in and says “hey, aren’t you that guy from Traffic Secrets”… and then he tried to shake my hand… needless to say, I didn’t shake his hand for hygiene reasons ;)

      I stayed underground until another good friend of mine convinced me to speak at his killer seminar almost a year later.

     In April of 2005 I spoke at Yanik Silver’s Underground Internet Seminar. Once again “all hell broke loose”.

     I laid out some of  my fundamental strategies for building what I call “money sites” and “feeder sites” and the crowd loved it.

They voted me “best speaker” at the seminar and Yanik Silver himself crowned me…

“Top Underground Internet Marketer of 2005”

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5 Responses to “About Jeff Johnson”

  1. Rich says:

    Jeff Johnson is the best internet marketer on the planet,its as simple as that.


  2. Maurice says:

    Hey Jeff,

    Love the material you put out… any chance of figuring out how to do a Rss2B for Mambo or Joomla?

    I would love to crack that code!

    Jeff Johnson says: TKP can auto post rss feeds to category specific levels in joomla… And since that is my program I’d say it is much better than rsstoblog 🙂

  3. David Leffler says:

    Strap yourself in when attending a Jeff Johnson workshop. He is the Robin Williams of internet marketing. I just attended his latest event. For every idea I took the time to write in my notebook, Jeff discussed two more and out the window they went. Thank God for video taping.

  4. Sindhuja says:

    Hi Jeff,
    I represent The Akshayapatra Foundation located in Bangalore, India. We are a charitable Organisation feeding 8.5lac under-priveleged children daily.
    We desire to partner with you on our Fund Raising efforts.
    Please reply to me at the earliest.
    Have a Nice Day,

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