free simple writing system video tutorial

I just recorded an hour and a half copywriting video with John Carlton for you.

In the free video… John teaches you how to greatly improve your copywriting with his new Simple Writing System and it’s simple step-by-step 17 point checklist.

John spent an hour and a half applying his new Simple Writing System to several of my coaching client’s personal websites.

You’ll find his new copywriting video tutorial here… and it’s free:
Simple Writing System

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3 Responses to “free simple writing system video tutorial”

  1. grahame says:

    Good grief, I just went to johns website via your link and what do you know, a hugely long sales letter with wait for it!!!!!!!!
    An upsell of $795 or pay by 3 installments.

    My pockets really are not that deep.

    Nice try but FREE I think not!!!

    You are NOT required to accept an upsell…. it’s your choice.. it’s only an offer for an upgrade.

  2. Ruth Stewart says:

    Thank you for that. As a newbie, I need as much help as I can get with my copywriting skills! I know I will improve in time, especially with the help out there.

    Thanks again,

    Ruth Stewart

  3. Thanks for the free copywriting video, it’s very interesting, and particularly from a copywriting guru that’s widely recommended.

    I think an upsell is a fair deal and recognized effective marketing strategy, as long as the communicated free stuff is of quality, and this video meets that mark.

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