Free Viral Blog Traffic Tool: Blog Rush by John Reese

John Reese has just released a new viral blog traffic tool called and it’s free.

Blog rush is designed from scratch to drive more targeted traffic to your blog.

John is a very good personal friend of mine and I highly recommend anything he comes out with… I installed it on this blog and it only took 5 minutes.

I created a quick video tutorial for you that shows you how to create your free account, generate your code, and add it to your wordpress blog.

Free Blog Rush WordPress Installation Tutorial

And here’s a link to the free tool itself:
Free Viral Blog Traffic- Click Here!

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10 Responses to “Free Viral Blog Traffic Tool: Blog Rush by John Reese”

  1. AnneMarie says:

    Thank you for the video help putting the blogrush on – sometimes you think these sort of things are gimmicks but coming from John Reese and yourself – fantastic –

    Big thanks again

  2. brad says:

    Iam always looking for ways to increase traffic to my blog. Thanks! I gotta try this program out. What kind of results have you seen from this?

  3. Marian says:

    Yes, it can be useful for sites, but you need some traffic in order to take advantage of it. The more the better, of course!


  4. Li says:

    Although this post is from September, the link is still active, and the product is still free. Thanks very much for providing this John Reese product, Jeff.

  5. David Leffler says:

    Sign up now! Anything from genius John Reese is worth your time, money and effort, without asking any questions.

  6. charles says:

    now that BlogRush has been going for a bit, what is your opinion on the results it has brought you?


    Jeff Johnson says: My last post on one of my blogs brought in 125,888 views on other people’s blogs so I’d say it works.

  7. David Birley says:

    Thanks for the video Jeff. I struck a (newbie) iceburg when blog rush asked me what my FEED URL was!!!

    Interesting how on this blog (I’m viewing it on firefox on a little MacBook) – the blogrush “widget” actually overhangs the right hand edge of the page border.



  8. cris chico says:

    I put it on my blog but did not really find any significant increase in trafic.

    anyone want to share their results

  9. David Birley says:

    Anyone know what the major differences are between services like “BlogRush”, “MyBlogLog” and “Bumpzee” are?

    They all seem to have widgets that can be installed.

    They all seem to be able to drive more traffic to your site from others with the same widget on their site.

    Does anyone know of a list or review of ALL of these type of traffic sharing widgets?



  10. David Birley says:

    Just found a great free resource at on things to do with wordpress blogs.

    At that site they tell you how (amongst other things) to get posts that rather than look like this: Instead – they look like this:


    Also – another great resource is at where you can get all sorts of free wordpress themes.

    The whole wordpress theme “Scene” seems to be absolutely massive.



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