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  1. Marian says:

    Hi Jeff, there are many great hostings around. What I prefer is the support and help when installing various scripts. And it’s always the worst thing about web hosting for me. One script runs on some web hosting while on other it doesn’t. Then great support is what you need!
    It’s no good to have sites hosted on a “wonderful” x megs x bandwidth hosting when the support and help is none or weak…


  2. I’m thinking of using MidPhase now that I see they added more space and for 10 domains with one free at $8 a month, its a good deal.

    although I hear alot of good things about HostGator too.

    Thanks Jeff.

  3. David Leffler says:

    If you are a serious marketer online, take Jeff’s advise, use multiple hosting accounts to run your business. Using multiple tools to generate multiple sources of revenue makes for a better Christmas. Even Santa uses multiple reindeer.

  4. Li says:

    This will be helpful. Many do not realize the difference between a shared or dedicated server (the rule of thumb is that if you need to worry about it, things are going well for you!). That being said, it certainly is not a badge of honor to be so successful that one’s servers crashed during a lauch, that is just poor infrastructure that can be avoided by helping your hosting co. to understand a spike you may be encountering.
    I vote dedicatd servers 100% of the time if you can afford it and plan to do any serious volume. Another reason to choose dedicated is that there is no excuse by the hosting co. that can be given to cover sloppy service. There are no other customers on the server that can be blamed, and if one is fastidious about having everything else run smoothly, servers, server bandwidth, etc. should not be allowed to become the weakest link.
    Look forward to hearing thoee observations of yours when you are ready.

  5. Leif-Harald says:

    I used midphase once. They did not deliver what I signed up for at all. Unfortunatley for me it took me more than 30 days to see that they didnt deliver what I was expecting, so I had little chance for a refund.

    But as it happened, the person that had referred me to them, had made the error. Not Midphase.

    So to make it short, they did refund my money, and I was happy in the end.

    Just thought I would share this one.


  6. Jon Cardozo says:

    Hey Jeff,

    Thank you for the recommendations on web hosting.

    I first found out about your training when I watched the traffic secrets DVD earlier this year. Since then, I have entered the world of Internet Marketing with enthusiasm despite some confusion and frustration. I really appreciate your blogs with the free videos, since I was unable to attend your conference. I hope to be ready if and when you have another conference next year. I think I learned the most from your comments in the traffic secrets DVD.

  7. George says:

    When I started doing anything web-related I looked to Yahoo! for their combination of services. There was the email, domain, and hosting all of which seems a bit pricey compared to what else is out there…

    However, the tools Yahoo! provides for entry level web developers, or even those with a bit more experience, web creation is easier and the tools are excellent. Whether for developing an e-commerce store or a basic information website, from forum development to full on database configurations – There’s something for everyone.

    And bringing customized files online is a breeze – But I assume that comes with the territory of every host out there.

  8. Mike says:

    Do you not recommend SiteGround anymore??

    Jeff Johnson: Yes I do.

  9. David Birley says:

    After listening to an Audio with Perry Marshall (adwords guy) and the infamous “Mr.X”, there was one thing that stood out.

    Having your site(s) housed on DIFFERENT servers. Especially if you are planning on doing links between your sites for some “off site” search engine optimization…

    (Keep in mind that this “Mr.X” has been banned by google several times for black hat techniques).

    I use godaddy and hostgator – although Ive never had spam complaints, and havent had issues which you can apparently get with godaddy…(if someone reports your domain that is)…

    Would be interested in a comparison chart of some form like you have for video sharing sites and social networking sites…

    Jeff Johnson says: I use godaddy and hostgator but I really don’t like godaddy for hosting. The hosting companies I do use and recommendare listed here Web Hosting Reviews
    I’ll see if my guys can clean up our in-house “approved hosting company list” and post it here.

  10. charles says:

    I have a midphase account. Never heard of AN Hosting.
    Thanks for the info.

  11. Jeff,
    Thanks for this post. I have always been curious who the “gurus” and veteran marketers use. I have seen midPhase listed more then once in various places. I have an acct with 1&1 and have not been happy with their service, and am canceling that acct this week. I may give midphase a try.
    What is your experience with HostGator?

    Jeff Johnson says: I like hostgator, don’t really care for godaddy hosting, and I like midphase. As for 1and1… I recommend them for the best value in high-end dedicated servers; I have two with them and can’t complain.

    Here’s a list of the companies we use and/or have researched and recommend to my clients:
    Web Hosting Reviews

  12. Paul says:

    For dedicated, I like SoftLayer.com

    For shared, I like Pair.com

    Any thoughts on those?

  13. Paul says:

    Oh, and for dedicated server management, I love ezsm.com!

    Been with ’em for years and they do a great job managing my servers.

    Another one that’s gotten good reviews is 4psa.com

  14. cris chico says:

    I use hostgator.com and love their customer service

  15. David Birley says:

    Any thoughts on Armand Morins new hosting service?

    Jeff Johnson says: Sorry, I haven’t had the chance to check it out. The hosting companies I do use and recommendare listed here Web Hosting Reviews

  16. David Leffler says:


    I listened to your interview with Todd about http://www.cblockhosting.com.
    The product seems to be a great fit with your system.
    Do you use the product in your business today?

    Dave Leffler

    Jeff Johnson says: No, we’ve always maintained our own network of class c ip block sites for building our own networks. But Todd’s solution is great if you’d prefer a “ready to go” solution. cblockhosting.com

  17. David Leffler says:


    I purchased Nitro Marketing based on your recommendation. I purchased the products to fill the holes in my internet marketing knowledge and to find out if one can make money following a step-by-step system.

    I will let fellow bloggers know how this works.

    Dave Leffler

  18. Vicky says:

    Hosting has been an issue for me since day-one. Learning the most relevant things to consider has only shown me that I don’t want to be using the one I do, but transferring … *ugh* I shudder to think about it!

    Sometimes, “economics” can’t compare with “service” (somebody should tell that to HostGator).

    (did I say that out loud..?)

  19. David Birley says:

    Which host do you use for this blog?

    It takes an extremely long time to fully load (with my roastingly fast connection too).

    I actually have to load several pages in new tabs (on firefox) so i can read your content faster…

    Hopefully it’s because your site is getting a ton of traffic… 😉


    Jeff Johnson says: I doubt it’s the server; the server is a dedicated box with 8 gb ram, dual raid 0 500gb drives, and four processing cores…. and this site is pretty much the only thing on it.

  20. stacie adams says:

    Hey Jeff,
    I so appreciate your training, and a member of your highly valuable SACC. One thing you taught me there was to look for a host with cpanel and the two I found that work for the adult content I marker are hostgaor.com and 3ix.org
    Keep up the good work!

  21. David Leffler says:

    This comment can be categorized as a recommended service.

    Jeff Johnson’s “BEST DEAL EVER.”

    The sales letter suggests we are in for a wild ride during the next twelve months.

    Oh, in between learning the massive amount of content, don’t forget to implement into your business. This is how the good questions are generated.

    Dave Leffler

  22. […] Web Hosting Reviews […]

  23. Lars says:

    Thanks for your great resources.

    I don’t know about you but with HostGator I have problem with nearly all scrips.

    They don’t allow permission 777 and many scripts need that for changing parameters, setup and so on.
    After many mail with them I am tired and are going to change to another Host that work better with scripts.

    Can you suggest a good Host that is no problem?. Thanks Lars

    Jeff Johnson says: I know I set 777 at 1and1 and I believe midphase.

    Both sites have special banners listed above.

  24. Denny says:

    Jeff, I currently have my blog hosted at GoDaddy. I know I need to change it. I haven’t seen mention of a requirement for C-Panel and Fantastico for your SEO Blog Software. Required?

    I had heard many good things about HostGator…until I read Lars post 5/12. Is this reason enough to look elsewhere?

    I’m just starting fresh with this blog (I’m a Newbie) and want to do it right the first time.

  25. telly says:

    Hi Jeff –
    Thanks for your dedication and constant help.

    What are your thoughts on Dreamhost???


    Good reputation but i have’nt used them in years

  26. Gary Kinsey says:

    Apollo hosting is a wonderful hosting provider, with the best customer response system.

  27. Neil says:

    I use ixwebhosting.com never had a problem with them, live support 24/7, live chat and great service in a new large data centre, I can’t wait to use your software Jeff.

    from Gold Coast Australia

  28. Shane says:

    Hey Jeff,
    Thanks for the FREE software. I planning on putting it to good use. I have several blogs recently started and it sounds like a perfect fit…
    I’ll let you know how the download went…

    Thanks Again Jeff and to your Techs as well, for some great help here…

    To Success,
    Shane in Wyo

  29. Alan Buck says:


    I thought I knew enough about web hosting companies to where I’d no longer have any problems in choosing one. After reading all the comments here, now I’m really confused.

    I have several blog sites, but all are on free sites with either no domain name, a shared server, or with limited web building tools – unless of course you want to pay an arm and a leg for a one page deal.

    These little hurdles make it quite difficult for using an seo traffic building strategy. One thing that I don’t really like, but it seems to be an industry wide practice, is that the web hosting companies want to charge you for a one or two year package; yet, they all give you the price broken down by the month – without the option to pay by the month.

    Why would I want to buy a year’s worth of service, when I have never tried that company’s product or service before? Of course it’s cheaper to buy in bulk, but if I’m not satisfied with the service, I’ve saved nothing.

    Most companies that I have dealt with never gave me a choice to pay more for by the month service. I figure that when I find a company that gives me a choice of a dedicated server, basic web building tools, seo positioning, and a by the month subscription, then I have found my web hosting company.

    Is it possible Jeff?


    Alan Buck

  30. Bo Tipton says:

    I have been with Host Gator for several years after going through several host with problems. I do not know much about the Host Gator support because I haven’t had any problems yet.

  31. david says:

    Hi, Jeff. Can you please tell me why I need to purchase a domain and hosting to have a free blog?


    Jeff Johnson says: You don’t, it’s up to you. wordpress has to be installed on a hosting account, though.

  32. Steve Lincoln says:


    Am I cruising for a bruising if I try to install your SEO snazzy blog (coaching club version) on a 1and1 low level account, not a dedicated server? Will it work without contortions?



    Jeff Johnson: it will work on just about any hosting account that hosts wordpress blogs in general without issue.

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