How to double your organic search traffic by stompernet

Stompernet’s new “going natural 2.0” video tutorials are here.

The first one is titled “How to double your organic search traffic”

Here it is:
stompernet going natural 2.0 Video

Other than the corny stompernet hat and stompernet t-shirt Andy Jenkin wears in it…

It really does deliver solid seo content for free.

How to double your organic search traffic Video

Stompernet Bonus

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49 Responses to “How to double your organic search traffic by stompernet”

  1. Jon Cardozo says:


    Thanks for the e-mail about this video. I’m always attentive when Andy Jenkins has something to say. He is providing a great tip for free which says a lot about his Internet community.

    This reminded me of something you said in one of your free videos. You mentioned that your own site did not have to rank that high as long as you had many breadcrumbs leading back to your money page. I have been hearing similar things for a few weeks now and your comments helped to turn on the light bulb! I’m starting to understand how it is possible to get traffic for many different places. Thank you for your tips.

  2. Hamant Keval says:

    Hi Jeff
    Some great content
    Since I first became aware of your sites and after my purchase of SACC, I’ve found that you have some incredible videos and audios here.
    I always make a point of popping in to see what “underground” tactics you have here.
    Keep up the fantastic work.

    Hamant UK

  3. oliver says:

    how to double your search for organic traffic by natural going 0.2

  4. David Leffler says:

    Jeff and Andy always have 96 and above content. ( school grade curve)

  5. brad says:

    great video, trying to use that tip now. he makes it sounds all to easy, thou.

  6. chris says:


    How could I get in touch with you? I’m not looking for a JV partner; but I have an idea that I believe will benefit the both of us.

    I really need your help with this. After watching your videos I’m confident that you can help me.

    I’m not looking for a handout, but for someone that can produce good results. I believe you are a person that can do just that.

    I’m new to this industry, but I have spent a great deal of time studying it. So I do know quite a bit. The problem however, is that I don’t have any connections with people like you who can help me bring my objective to fruition in record time.

    It has to do with an informational product that I would like to put out, which I believe is highly needed.

    Please send me an email so that I can talk to you about it.


    Jeff Johnson says: You can submit a request to my help desk and they’ll forward it to me.

  7. George says:

    What an incredible source! The walk through was so simple and I could see elements of how this worked, just by even getting to this site through google.

    I have built sites in the past for clients who sell products and I think I missed some of the SEO “tricks” that Andy mentioned – But I guess that’s the rule of repetition, in the world of code that is.

    Very cool concept though for StomperNet and a great find for sure! This was very beneficial for me as I continue with new clients and concepts this year.

  8. Robert says:

    These videos were some great info. They definitely know how to get pre-launch “buzz” going 😉

  9. Marilyn says:

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention. It’s so hard to find REAL seo help on the web and this in content of the highest caliber.


  10. Brad says:

    They released more videos plus a FREE TOOL! from just to let you know 🙂

  11. David Leffler says:

    The content is better than most free content. My money is still with Jeff and the Guys.

  12. tiger says:

    the production value is absurdly good (although if i were andy i’m not sure i would want it so good:) check out the 2nd video – i think its better!

  13. Wow Jeff I didn’t realize the Going Natural 2.0 videos were available since back in early December. Yikes! I guess the holidays had me focused elsewhere.

    I just got caught up on all the videos and after I pick my jaw up off the floor all I can say is WOW!

    Andy and Brad have done it again.

    *TIP* If you are reading this comment. STOP whatever you’re doing and go watch all of them before they get taken offline.

    You’ll notice there is a little icon in the lower right side of the video player that will allow you to access the play-list directly from the following page.

    There is over 2+ hours of non-stop actionable stuff you can start using in your business to help generate traffic to your site starting right now.

    * END TIP *

    So anyhow, great job on your blog and I’ve subscribed via RSS to stay updated on all your latests posts.


  14. David Birley says:

    Taking a leaf right out of Rich Schefrens attention age doctrine – Andy Jenkins & Co at Stompernet have REALLY put themselves out there as “mavens”.

    A new report I am bringing out refers people wanting to find out stacks of free web 2.0 techiniques to two places: 1) This blog, and 2) the new videos by Stompernet (providing they keep them online).

    I agree, some of the content sounds too easy, well, actually – it is easy. The “trick” it would seem is to keep having fresh, relevant content in the web 2.0 model.

    You cannot deny that this is the way that significantly more traffic to your sites will be gathered from now on…

  15. Scott says:

    Wonderful information in that video. These guys do an amazing amount of testing that they are giving away free.

    Simply fantastic.

  16. charles says:

    thanks for the info on the great video. there free pdf is good too.

  17. Bonnie says:

    Jeff, I know you have good things to say but the usability of your site, the lack of contact info here and at your voodoo site, the incredibly fast way you talk and the failure to give what you say you are going to give in the emails I have received, is very disappointing to say the least!

    Jeff Johnson says:I don’t have contact info on my blogs for one simple reason; my staff is already overwhelmed by unsolicted email.

    My clients know how to reach me when they need to so I leave it at that.

    However, I have started adding it to my sales letters and I’ll see about adding it to my blogs.

    As for ” failure to give what you say you are going to give in the emails”… I may have forgoten something, I’m sure of that.

    But I deliver a ton of high-quality free content so I hope that makes up for it.

  18. cris chico says:

    my question is how much of an impact is are these tactics going to have in the next 6 months to a year.. is this the beginning or the beginning of the end for social media….where everybody will inundate the search engines and game the system and cause it not to work?

    Jeff Johnson says: The overall value of social media will not go away. The “spam” techniques will stop working eventually, but who knows how long that will be. But if you build value into your profile pages and people link to them you should experience long term rankings.

  19. David Leffler says:

    Stompernet is good content. Underground Confessions has great content. I spent two years buying and evaluating watered-down products and membership sites. Jeff and the Guys have the best content, tools, and service that I have found. Frankly, the content Stompernet is now selling, was given to Jeff’s coaching club six months ago.

    Dave Leffler

  20. Anurag says:

    Well, I think the latest video and the videos that lead up to it were more of less similar to Conversation Domination course which came out sometime back. I saw it at one of my friends place..and it had the same material about the strategies, that these people gave out in the last video of SMARTS.

    Had expected them to come up with something new, all the info was almost on the sales page of CD. Anyone with basic understanding of these thing work and SEO would have been able to gather it.

    But none the less, great video and presentation skills 🙂

  21. Amy says:

    It is nice to see someone offering a white hat action plan to capitalize on the web 2.0 techniques. Once you jump on the list you will get the pdf report which is quite good as well,and some excellent content to improve conversion. These guys really deliver great free content.

  22. David Birley says:

    The free software is pretty cool – allows you to “blur” your screen so you can see what your prospect “sees”… nice.

  23. David Birley says:

    Wow. I just went and created a DIGG account. And then I DUGG a post on this blog about myspace layouts for business.

    WITHIN 15 MINUTES it was number 2 on google and number 5 (for keywords “pimp myspace layout for business”)


    And that was just ONE digg.

    It blew me away.

    I can prove it too – I took a screen shot of both results… and uploaded them here (look for the “Digg” result)

    I’m excited.

  24. tiger says:

    has anyone heard of feedback from someone who has purchased the stompernet social networking product? it appears to be fully priced and the description seems a bit vague as far as content. thoughts?

    Jeff Johnson says: I’ve seen the updates and they keep on coming. I’d imagine they’ll turn it into a product after the live aspect is done.

  25. Eddie says:

    Awesome content, thank you for providing it. Good detail and value.

  26. David Leffler says:

    I choose not to purchase Stompernet for several reasons. Sorry Jeff, no commission. Even though the content was good, there seemed to be too much hype.Trying to implement Jeff’s system and Stompernet would cause a lack of focus, which is a huge problem with internet marketing.I’ll stick with Jeff and the Guys. I sense there will be more personal service with Jeff and the Guys. I think the Stompernet price point will allow a lot of newbies to buy and tie up the service group and dominate the calls. I find that the same questions are asked week after week. In other words, Stompernet was mass marketed. Last, my money is with Jeff and the Guys providing more updated content, building superior tools, and qiuck to point out market trend changes.

    Dave Leffler

  27. Paul says:

    Jeff, thanks for sharing the video and the recommendation! I signed up for the SMARTS course and look forward to see some amazing results this year. I’m also looking forward to seeing what other great recommendations you have.

    Can you offer any suggestions on paid traffic sources, like Carlos and Lupe, but maybe a bit less expensive of a course?


    ~ Paul

    Jeff Johnson says: Sorry, but theirs is the only comprhensive course I’ve seen on that subject. One of my friends paid the full 25,000 upfront and told me it was worth every penny.

  28. Reginald Block says:

    Great free content. They certainly know how to get more traffic as I understand it.
    As always the newbie without a site or product are ignored.

    Your reaction to my post will I suspect confirm my thoughts.

    By the way Jeff I am a long time fan of yours and wish you the best of everything.

    Best wishes
    Reginald Block

  29. Serge says:

    Stomper videos are surely great, but…

    …to actually see their real value (and before you watch the videos), I would estimate what it’s worth YOU to NOT using it… and then either click Jeff’s link or forget about it 🙂

    How can you do this? Ok, ok, what’s the value of your time? Don’t know what time is? Here’re some hints 🙂

    To see the value of a year, think of speaking with a student who failed to get enough credits to graduate.

    To see the value of a month, you can speak with a mother who gave birth before time.
    What’s the value of a week? Speak with an editor of weekly newspaper.

    Ditto to one hour, a single minute. Think of teenagers in love, who are waiting each other, imagine someone who just missed the train…

    Have you ever avoided a car wreck? Remember your feelings? Can you now see the value of a second?

    As to milliseconds worth… Hmm, speak with an Olympic champion who just won SILVER medal.

    The first stomper video is 22 minutes. Can save you hours to weeks depending on your goals. It takes you a few seconds to decide if you going to watch it now.

    Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery. Today is a blessing to make wise decisions 🙂

    Thanks for the link Jeff, and Segovia, thanks for the tip 🙂


  30. David Birley says:

    It seems (although not proven) that the stompernet videos caused a surge in the number of people using (check out the alexa spike in volume in January).

    Consequently – scribd have stopped the ability to upload html files because of a possible “abuse” by internet marketers.

    On their blog – – where very few people leave comments – a rather larger number have commented on the most recent post… And guess who’s mentioned? Stompernet!

    Just a bit of a coincidence?


  31. David Leffler says:

    It appears as though the Stompernet hype and mass marketing has caused some temporary difficulties with the new launch. I’m sure they will work through the issues but it appears the damage has been done. That’s why I prefer a marketer who chooses to remain less visible, hence, Underground Confessions.

  32. Serge says:

    Hey guys, here’s how to download all 5 videos to your hard drive so you can watch them whenever you want even if Andy removes them from the site.

    Go here:

    And get download Orbit Downloader. This is a tool that allows you to save streaming video.

    Install the software and start “Grab++” app.

    Then click Jeff’s link and let the video to play for a few seconds. Then stop it, click little icon in the lower right side of the video player and choose another video from the playlist (there are 5 videos there). Let new video play for 2 sec, then switch to another.

    After you clicked all 5, put check marks against all 5 FLV files in Grab++ and click “Download” button.

    That’s it, you’ll have all 5 FLV files sitting on your hard drive.

    Use any FLV player to play them.

    Hope this helps 🙂


  33. David Birley says:

    Just posted something here on your site – should index high on google for you under the search terms “underground confessions”… Just putting some of your free ideas to use to try and drive traffic to your site…

    It’s fun!

    Cheers, Dave

    Jeff Johnson says: Great, but “underground confessions” is not what I would optimize this site for… nobody searches for that term. It’s just a catchy title I came up with for a blog.

  34. David Birley says:

    Whoa – I just looked up and saw all the posts i was doing.

    I’m just learning from here, applying the knowledge, then coming back a few days later to report it.

    Now – for the search term “underground confessions” on Google – I occupy 4 of the top ten spots (so far) that hopefully will send a bit more traffic here.

    All good. I even created an ad tracker to test which parts were sending traffic.



  35. David Leffler says:


    There is a rumor that a spy photo may be available of your new product.

    Care to comment?

    Dave Leffler

    Jeff Johnson says: I posted a crappy one somewhere on this blog. But we never did launch that product. I have a thousand or so copies of it printed up. Maybe I’ll just have an “inventory reduction” sale for it 🙂

  36. David Birley says:

    The guy behind Stompernets marketing campaign (Frank Kern) has some other really cool free content on listbuilding – the videos aren’t as classy as Stompernets, but they are pretty good in quality of content.

    The site to visit is: mass control blog

    Almost as good as the conversation domination webinar that Jeff held with Howie Schwartz the other month. I got up at 3am to see that one (I live “Down Under” in Australia…)



    Jeff Johnson says: Yes, Frank is a very good friend of mine and a marketing genius. He also looks like a hippie now that he’s moved out to San Diego. Gotta love that bleach job
    The site to visit is: mass control

  37. David Birley says:

    Very cool – just created a hub page a few days back to see how it would index on google – got to the front page again (cool).

    Heres a link to the picture of it (number 4):

    You can check out the actual hub page at:



    Jeff Johnson says: Great, once again… nobody searches for that term 🙂

    Try “jeff johnson”… any idea how many famous Jeff Johnson’s there are in the world?

    If you rank high for that let me know so you can put an affiliate link on it or sell it to me 🙂

    I’m number 4 on google and that site hasn’t been updated in years (from an seo standpoint).

    Jeff Johnson

  38. David Leffler says:

    Everyone, take note, three of the masters are launching products as I blog this. They are Andy Jenkins, Frank Kern, and John Reese. These product roll outs are better than any internet marketing course one can buy. Not only is this a lesson about how to walk your future customers through the classic sales funnel, but the content has great tips, tricks and marketing techniques, all in real time, from the industry leaders.I have been saving the emails and content for my future product launches. I’m sure Jeff’s next product release will have killer content as well. We are all holding our breath.

    Dave Leffler

  39. tiger says:

    i watched the 50 minute social media video again last nite and it provided more nuggets than the first time. question for you pros: given that time is always in short supply, if someone is looking to boost paying customers to a site, would I be wise to assume that concentrating on video site like youtube would be a better place to get started than something like facebook or squidoo? Thanks!!

    Jeff Johnson says: No, facebook, squidoo and myspace can drive a ton of traffic to your sites. You can even post your “youtube” videos to myspace tv and they’ll rank well, too. They aren’t the actual youtube videos, rather you post your base video file to myspace just like you did you youtube.

    Design your profile pages to be sales funnels that lead people back to your site.

    My guys set this myspace profile up as an example for my clients:
    Jeff Johnson myspace

  40. tiger says:

    a follow up to my post yesterday – i found a site that can upload a video of your to multiple site such as youtube, metacafe, myspace, etc. it looks like a timesaver if you do much with videos. find it at Thanks!

  41. Thanks Jeff for this video out.

    After watching “How to double your organic search traffic” video, I was wondering (and maybe I’ll toss this out to anyone) does this technique work with blogs?

    For instance, if you have a WordPress blog, do you need to do anything out of the ordinary to get the linking relationship that Andy suggests, or is there a plugin that would help?

    Thanks again for the head’s up on this video.

    Jeff Johnson says: You could either set up a static page on the same domain as your blog and link to it that way. Or you could create a “page” within worpdress itself and link to it that way.

    Not to mention simply linking from one post to another.

    But the best way to control the “keyword density” as he suggests is to create a static page and load that up to the same domain as your blog and then link to it from your blog.

    Here’s and example of a static page linked to from a post:
    Altitude Marketing Mentor

  42. David Birley says:

    OK OK – I managed to get 3 of the top ten google results and…

    wait for it…

    I accomplished my goal! I wanted to rank HIGHER than somewhere.

    I did that at yahoo. I got NUMBER ONE and number four (out of 3,830,000) on .

    I saved a picture of it for you… Check it out here:

    I was stoked.

    I couldn’t rank higher than the guys on gumtree (on google) with the guy telling the world he had an “Underground confession” (actually “underground” on Londons railway system)… 🙂

    Interesting stuff.

    Thanks Jeff


    Jeff Johnson says: Dude, nobody searches for “underground confessions” , and even if they did it won’t make you money so you shouldn’t be spending your time optimizing for it.

    Build an affiliate sales site for your practice sites. At least that way you’ll get paid for your time.

    But hey, I know how exciting it can be to rank high for a term for the first time!

  43. David Leffler says:

    Listening to the daily news media one would believe a hard recession is looming. First, never in an election year.Second, the internet is booming and will continue to boom. Jeff Johnson is one of the best marketers in this booming industry. Join SACC and recession proof your future.

    Will the last person to leave the internet marketing business, please turn off the lights. Yea right.

    Dave Leffler

  44. David Leffler says:

    Switching gears, Frank Kern is launching Mass Control next week. Frank has that easy going,and casual way of selling. It reminds me of the Southern U.S., where everything is laid back.

    But Frank also seems to be a master at selling psychology and how to get people to take action.

    I’m sure there is a lot to learn inside this product.

    Has anybody seen a sneak preview?

    Dave Leffler

  45. David Leffler says:

    Jeff announced today his “best deal ever” would be available by 3:00 pm tomorrow.

    The lack of fanfare means even a greater competitive advantage over fellow internet marketers.

    I interpret this to mean Jeff is more interested in teaching a group of sophisticated internet marketers, rather than, splash the announcement all over the internet for greed sake.

    There is nothing wrong with money, but there is also the element of over exposure.

    Jeff strikes a great balance in my opinion.

    Dave Leffler

  46. David Leffler says:

    Oh, by the way, I do feel like it is Christmas in January with the announcement of his “best deal ever.

    Dave Leffler

  47. Nicholas Ho says:

    Cool videos.

    I actually seen it when the videos was launched.

    In my opinion, it is not shocking or surprising. It is just new for new marketers.

    Social media was here long time ago. But social marketing going very hot recently. i think maybe marketers started to know its power and start to market related products widely and people started to take count as one the way to generate traffic.

    Does it relates to web 2.0? I think not much mentioning about web 2.0 in the videos. There are a lot of buzz about web 2.0 but no one really understand and can give an exact definition on what is it. My opinion about web 2.0 is that you build a relationship with your friends and market your product.

    I think social marketing is about this. Make friends and create community and market. The core of this marketing method is relationship. I think for any business out there, relationship is always the core of everything. Without customers, business dies.

    It is kinda impressive because the web is starting to had “creative & innovative” ideas that are being put into work. Sites like wordpress, digg, morzilla, facebook are developed by youngsters. I mean, wow . A lot of millionaire are made on every second and their age are becoming younger and younger.

    I think the word “ no man is an island” works for human’s entire history. Here is my opinion:

    Hindsight – The web last time is just about the web. There are no 2 ways communication . I think this is why they call it web 1.0. Where the lack of 2 ways communication take place.
    But if this happen now, chances are the business will die. Faster than ever.

    Foresight – This is what will happen in the future. Somebody said web3.0 will be machine operated. I don’t know how true is this but lets share about web 2.0 first. I personally think that it all started when there are sites like social bookmarking and networking. Community based site with high traffic. From web 1.0 to 2.0. The big difference is that there are 2 way communication, such as blogs.

    Well, guess what. People are making 6-7 figure per WEEK on social networking site. Check out these resources :

    These are so cool man.

    The power of social. The opportunities to make money on the Internet are incredible. A lot of Internet marketers have been making bold predictions for what to expect in 2008. In my opinion, having a good foresight is crucial and having a good flexibility os the best strategy one can use for making money on the internet.


    Nicholas Ho

    Jeff Johnson says:Thanks for the great post on social networking!

  48. David Leffler says:

    Where is the real value hidden in online products?

    Grade schools, middle schools, high schools, and colleges all advertise the ratio of students to teachers. This is a huge selling point for academic institutions. Why should it not be the same for internet marketing coaching?

    The internet market is saturated with good content. It is starved for good teachers who are available when the student has a issue, problem, or question. Service after the sale, with a smile, is the most difficult task a business encounters. Many times this is the difference between a successful back end campaign and disaster. We’ve all experienced the disaster far to often with, both online, and off line products.

    Jeff Johnson has kept the number of students in his coaching club limited for this exact reason. He definitely could mass produce cookie cutter products, sell them to the masses, and move to the next launch. That’s great for the reacher but not for the student.

    Look for internet marketers who make this commitment before buying their product.

    Dave Leffler

  49. Teri says:

    Its going to be about Web 2.0 and not much else will drive traffic, its the wave of the future in internet marketing. Great video which touches on that, the other one I saw was a bunch of exec’s from Google hashing it out with the Web 2.0 people, which was a fascinating look into the future. Send some traffic to my blog and I will tell you more. Great stuff Jeff, I saw you in Florida, great seminar too.

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