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Free SEO and Internet Marketing Video Tutorials

Saturday, April 26th, 2008

I post dozens of my exclusive SEO and Internet Marketing “how to” videos on youtube.

And they are free.

I add new ones all the time so subscribing to my youtube channel is the easiest way to keep track of my free video tutorials.

Just click the “subscribe” button when you visit my channel on youtube.

Here’s my youtube channel link:
Jeff Johnson Videos


Don’t forget to click the yellow “subscribe” button on my youtube channel.

Here’s my youtube channel link:
Jeff Johnson Videos

How To Quickly and Easily Create Your Very Own Highly Profitable Info Product

Friday, April 4th, 2008

“How To Quickly and Easily Create Your Very Own Highly Profitable Info Product”

This video tutorial series includes the first 1 ½ hours of my presentation at a recent 3 day seminar… and it’s yours for free.

Get all 11 parts of this video… and at least 20 others here:
Jeff Johnson Videos

Here’s the story:

I hosted a 3 day seminar for my Super Affiliate Coaching Club clients.

The entire first day was just me sharing with them my specific Product Creation and Product Promotion philosophy.

I spoke from 9 am until 9 pm.

The entire 3 days were caught on video and DVD copies were given to my Super Affiliate Coaching Club clients.

The 90 minute long video posted below is my opening presentation from the live seminar.

FYI: The specific product I outline in the video is still somethng I’ve done nothing with; it has been completely ignored.

I simply produced the product to prove that anyone could do it using the very same techniques I teach my clients.

But we have 12,871 names on our email list and close to 100k in product sales…

So for what little work we’ve done I’d say we are quite happy with the results 🙂
If you’d like to sell all 11 videos just…

Subscribe to my free youtube channel right now and see all 11 parts just as soon as they are released.

All you have to do to subscribe (it’s free) is visit the “Jeff Johnson Videos” link below.

And when that link takes you to my youtube channel simply click the “subscribe” button.

When you subscribe to my youtube channel you’ll also gain immediate access to 20+ other exclusive Internet Marketing related videos… all for free.

Get all 11 parts of this video… and at least 20 others here:
Jeff Johnson Videos

Free ebook publishing software and training

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

One of my mastermind partners, Eben, is giving away a complete eBook publishing package, including landing page and salesletter templates, eBook templates, free software, and even video training.

Free ebook publishing software

I signed up for it myself and checked it out for you.

He really could sell this thing for $97 or more… it has a very professional look and feel to it.

But he’s giving it away for free… at least for now.

Free ebook publishing software

Why is it free?

Simple, he’s trying to build buzz for a new coaching program he has coming out.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND his coaching program.

But if even if you aren’t interested in the coaching program…

The free ebook publishing package he’s giving away is fantastic.


The whole software is based on “push button” “fill-in-the-blank” technology.

You fill in the blanks and it produces the landing pages, the sales letters, and even integrates your email optin form for you.

Download it here:
Free ebook publishing software


Free Viral Blog Traffic Tool: Blog Rush by John Reese

Saturday, September 15th, 2007

John Reese has just released a new viral blog traffic tool called and it’s free.

Blog rush is designed from scratch to drive more targeted traffic to your blog.

John is a very good personal friend of mine and I highly recommend anything he comes out with… I installed it on this blog and it only took 5 minutes.

I created a quick video tutorial for you that shows you how to create your free account, generate your code, and add it to your wordpress blog.

Free Blog Rush WordPress Installation Tutorial

And here’s a link to the free tool itself:
Free Viral Blog Traffic- Click Here!

Tweaking myspace layouts graphics and backgrounds for maximum business exposure

Wednesday, September 12th, 2007

I had to create a quick “pimp your myspace” overview video for my clients and I thought you’d enjoy it too.

Here’s the background:

My staff is creating social networking pages for them and I needed to highlight the areas of their myspace profiles that we can modify (profile, pictures, extended network, about me, friends, videos, etc).

It’s only about 3 minutes long but pretty much explains everything you need to know about pimping myspace profiles for businsess networking, leads, or promotions.

Yes, I could have made it 5 hours long and gotten into great detail but it’s just an intro piece so enjoy it for what it is 🙂

Jeff Johnson