21 Top Video Sharing and Video Clip Sites

Here’s a list of 21 popular Video Sharing sites that accept your video clips.. most are free. This list of video sharing sites owes its start to a Video Hosting article from the August 2007 issue of Videomaker magazine. When I finished reading the article I thought “Man, wouldn’t it be nice if they actually […]

Top 10 Domain Names Dos and Don’ts

Registering the perfect domain name for your new site is very important. If you get it wrong your website can be smacked down with a spam filter by the engines, and end up spending the rest of its miserable life on page one million of the rankings. If you get your domain name right your […]

Free Video Tutorial – How to select a market

I just posted the first introductory video for SACC’s ‘Get More Traffic’ video tutorial series. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about… SACC members ‘voted’ and told me that they would love to see me build a ‘Get Traffic’ website this month. So I’ll be fully documenting the step-by-step actions that […]

Competition is your friend and why micro-niche markets are for losers.

Here’s a quick 4 minute audio update. In it I reveal three of the most fundamental secrets behind my success in internet marketing, and business in general. Here’s a hint… Competition is your friend and micro-niche markets are for losers. A Passion For Marketing Audio Update – Click Here!

Product Creation and Product Promotion Video by Jeff Johnson

Important Update! This video tutorial series has been updated and expanded… almost double in length. It is now 90 minutes long and is part of a 14 part youtube series. You’ll find the product creation video here: How To Quickly and Easily Create Your Very Own Highly Profitable Info Product