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Free SEO and Internet Marketing Video Tutorials

Saturday, April 26th, 2008

I post dozens of my exclusive SEO and Internet Marketing “how to” videos on youtube.

And they are free.

I add new ones all the time so subscribing to my youtube channel is the easiest way to keep track of my free video tutorials.

Just click the “subscribe” button when you visit my channel on youtube.

Here’s my youtube channel link:
Jeff Johnson Videos


Don’t forget to click the yellow “subscribe” button on my youtube channel.

Here’s my youtube channel link:
Jeff Johnson Videos

Youtube ranking optimization or how to rank higher on youtube

Sunday, September 9th, 2007

Youtube Ranking Optimization (YRO) is definitely in its infancy and I have yet to see a comprehensive resource on the subject… so I’ve decided to coin the new phrase “Youtube Ranking Optimization (YRO)” and start the ball rolling 🙂

Please note: as of today a search for “youtube ranking optimization” (youtube seo) on both Yahoo and Google yields zero results; let’s see if we can work together and develop the science of ranking higher on youtube!

Up until now I’ve pretty much ignored youtube for many reasons, but mostly because I just never took the time out of my schedule to work with my staff on it.

But that’s about to change.

I hired 3 full time web 2.0 guys a few months ago and their only job all summer long was to simply surf hundreds of social networking/web 2.0 sites and compile a huge web 2.0 knowledge base for my own personal reference library.

They basically kept electronic journals documenting their explorations and discoveries and now I’m working through their notes.

They also built dozens of social networking profile pages for me at sites like myspace, facebook, squidoo, etc., but I haven’t had time to play around with all of them, just youtube and myspace.

Here’s my youtube profile page:
Jeff Johnson Videos

Here’s what I’ve learned about youtube ranking optimization (Youtube SEO)  or ranking higher on youtube itself:

The youtube search engine uses three basic items to initially rank your video:

• The title of your video
• The description of your video
• The tags that you assign to your video

It can’t actually “read” what’s in the video itself so it relies on you to give it clues as to what the video is about.

That means all you really have to do to get started with your Youtube Ranking Optimization is to include your primary keyword phrase in the title, description and tags of each video.

Be sure to create unique titles, descriptions and tag sets for each video, even if they are similar in nature; doing so will create “unique” content for the other engines to find, and help you create “long tail” phrases that occur naturally in your writing.

Pretty simple, huh?

There’s actually a lot more to it than that but this blog post is getting too long so I’ll stop here and try to remember to share more of my “rank higher on youtube” observations with you in a later post.

Just be sure to visit my youtube channel and poke around looking for clues in the meantime 😉

Here’s my youtube profile page again:
Jeff Johnson Videos


Jeff Johnson


Here’s a new youtube SEO video for you:

Free Affiliate Marketing Videos on Product Creation and Promotion

Thursday, September 6th, 2007

This summer I had the pleasure of speaking at Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula Workshop.

He was selling seats for just under $5000 and it sold out well in advance.

My presentation was almost 2 hours long… don’t worry, my guys chopped it up into 13 segments and added a “table of contents” to each page.

That means you can watch some of it now, and save some of it for later 😉

World’s First – I also had my guys create what I believe is the world’s first “Social Media Youtube Template”.

I was actually inspired by pr-squared’s excellent Social Media Press Release.

I’ve been playing around with youtube video optimization lately and my “Social Media Youtube Optimization Template” is just a small part of it.

But that whole youtube video optimization thing will have to wait until a later post…

Here’s a hint: If you’d like to check out the beta version of my “”Social Media Youtube Optimization Template” just watch the affiliate marketing videos 😉

Back to the Affiliate Marketing Videos:

During my presentation I outlined my philosophy behind Affiliate Marketing: Product Creation and Promotion.

I went into great detail behind my process for creating and promoting new affiliate products and I even shared one of my very own real-life case studies.

The crowd loved my presentation and I hope you do too 🙂

Free Affiliate Marketing Videos

And here is my personal profile page at youtube :Jeff Johnson Videos


Jeff Johnson