Free SEO and Internet Marketing Video Tutorials

I post dozens of my exclusive SEO and Internet Marketing “how to” videos on youtube. And they are free. I add new ones all the time so subscribing to my youtube channel is the easiest way to keep track of my free video tutorials. Just click the “subscribe” button when you visit my channel on […]

Youtube ranking optimization or how to rank higher on youtube

Youtube Ranking Optimization (YRO) is definitely in its infancy and I have yet to see a comprehensive resource on the subject… so I’ve decided to coin the new phrase “Youtube Ranking Optimization (YRO)” and start the ball rolling 🙂 Please note: as of today a search for “youtube ranking optimization” (youtube seo) on both Yahoo […]

Free Affiliate Marketing Videos on Product Creation and Promotion

This summer I had the pleasure of speaking at Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula Workshop. He was selling seats for just under $5000 and it sold out well in advance. My presentation was almost 2 hours long… don’t worry, my guys chopped it up into 13 segments and added a “table of contents” to each […]