Membership Sites Bootcamp – Membership Sites Made Easy

I recorded an interview with the owners of last week.

It lasted for an hour and a half and you can listen to the whole thing for free.

Here are just a few of the things we covered on the call:

1. What is a membership site and why everyone in every market should seriously consider starting one.
2. How to quickly and easily determine if the topic you choose for your membership site is a profitable one long before you even build the site.
3. What’s the difference between content and community and why you need to be absolutely sure you get it right.
4. What type of content works best for attracting new members.
5. Should you use a trial offer and which ones work best.
6. What are the best research tools to use when picking the market for your site.
7. The best software to use when building your membership site.
8. etc… Call Recording – Right Click Here!

Learn More About – Click Here!

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10 Responses to “Membership Sites Bootcamp – Membership Sites Made Easy”

  1. Paulo Roldan says:

    Jeff, I’ve been considering joining your coaching club, but I was wondering if it’s the right option for me; I mean, I have zero internet marketing experience.

    Jeff Johnson says: Sorry, but my club is definitely not for newbies.

  2. jason says:

    This bootcamp is very hyped up w/ no credibility. They claimed to know 400 sites, and showed a few big $$ examples in their videos. But when I asked on their blog how many sites made a profit, what percent of sites made over $10K/month, over 1K/month, NO answer. And oddly, my posted question never appeared !! Think they might not want to tell us that ? The authors may make big $$, but showing a handful of exceptions is deceptive. The devil is in the details !!

    Jeff Johnson says: They have had thousands of comments posted to their blog… impossible to review every one of them. If they haven’t had time to review them they won’t show up on the blog. As far as “400 sites…”… they are the ones hosted on his software platform.

    There is no way for him to know how many of them are profitable and by how much… he’s merely passing along profitability statements from those who have agreed to allow him to share that information… and I’m willing to bet 90% of the sites dont’ want their profits known by the public.

    however, Ryan has become a millionaire as a result of his own sites and he’s willing to share those numbers with you.. which he has.

  3. maz says:

    Hi Jeff,
    didn’t you previously suggested to join “30 day to $10k” from Ryan Deiss?

    I joined using your link.

    What a waste of time and money has been that one! $997 for info that you can find everywhere else for free…
    and, off course no money back ìguarantee either.

    bad tip

    Jeff Johnson Says: Boy, are you COMPLETELY WRONG!

    First, Ryan offers a 90 day guarantee that is insanely generous; he even offers an additional 90 days of private coaching if you are having troubles getting started.

    Plus his guarantee goes on to say(taken straight from the sales letter): “If you follow all the steps I give you and we still can’t make it work, I’ll not only refund every last penny of your investment, I’ll also give you an additional $500 as “payment” for wasting your time.”

    Just shoot him an email and I know he’ll take care of you.

    Second, Ryan offers an hour of one-on-one personal phone time… which I feel is worth the entire $997 “in and of” itself.

    Third, Ryan throws in 90 days of personal email support and coaching… once again this alone is worth the entire $997.

    Fourth, Ryan threw in a free seat to his upcoming “Ultimate Membership Site Bootcamp” training seminar… he’s selling seats for $1997 so I’d say, once again, that bonus alone is worth the $997 you paid.

    Fifth, I’ve personally launched several highly successful, extremely profitable membership sites… I’ve reviewed his material and training and I can honestly say, speaking as an expert in membership sites, his material is rock solid.

    Here’s my advice: Don’t refund the money; take him up on his insanely low-priced personal coaching and launch a new membership site of your own.

    He’s guaranteeing you not only your money back, but he’ll also throw in another $500 for your troubles.

    What do you have to lose?


    Here’s the link to the sales letter so you can verify “the facts” yourself:
    Ryan’s membership sales letter – Click Here!

    And while you are at it…

    Here’s another Membership site resource I highly recommend:

  4. Bill Thorn says:

    I have seen some good and some not so good membership sites.
    I do believe that there is money to be made with the right one.

    Bill Thorn

    Jeff Johnson says: Then be sure to check out and learn how to build a great one 🙂

  5. kev says:

    To be fair, Ryan’s offer, while generous, is also “conditional”. Now, there’s nothing wrong with conditions. In fact, that’s the smart way to do it. The problem, though, is no one knows what those conditions are before signing up.

    One of his conditions might be to spend $10,000 on advertising,and, naturally, most who sign up will not be able to comply with that condition, thus disqualifying them from a refund.

    Now, I’m not saying Ryan is doing this, but he could be.

    Jeff Johnson Says: All you have to do is ask and I’m sure Ryan will hook you up.

    The reason it is “conditional” is because he offers so much personal one-on-one support… nothing wrong with that.

  6. Blaine Moore says:

    I got the 30 days to 10k package, and the ticket to the bootcamp in Austin was worth it alone. Besides some great content from the speakers, I managed to make a lot of good connections and even set up a mastermind group with other attendees.

    Jeff Johnson says: Thanks for the feedback. Several people have told me how much they have enjoyed Ryan’s seminar.

  7. Stephen Dayton says:

    Hey Jeff,

    I bought into Ryan and Tim’s membershiptbootcamp offer through your link because you offered us a sweet deal with some personal coaching from you and help from your staff by promote your site by going out and running a web 2.0 publicity campaign.

    I already have my niche picked out (did a lot of research before hand) and even have some experts in the field lined up to contribute to my site. I’m planning on doing this right so I’m going to be buying MemberGate (MG) to run the site.

    Admittedly I still have work to do such as using some mind map software to get a good idea of how my site will be laid out, need to buy and learn how to use MG, need a merchant account and so on so it’s not like I’m even close to launching.

    What I was wondering was how do I go about communicating with you and your staff outside this blog when I’m ready?



    Jeff Johnson says: My staff shows that you did indeed buy it from my link so you do qualify for the bonus. Thanks!

    However, they show that you did not respond to the intitial emails we have sent you about the bonus items.

    I’ll have them resend the one about tomorrow’s call right now.

    Make sure you approve email from

  8. Stephen Dayton says:

    I didn’t realize these emails you were sending me were related to my having bought membershiptbootcamp (MBC) from you. I thought I was just getting those because I had signed up to your newsletter as suggested by Tim with in the MBC materials.

    I know I now registered for the call on Friday though I hope that will be recorded as I can’t call in since it’s in the middle of a work day.



    Jeff Johnson says: I’ll be sure to record it and send it out to the Membership Site Bootcamp buyers.

  9. I think your blog need a new wordpress template.

  10. James Smith says:

    I think your blog need a new wordpress template.

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