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Experts Academy Elite Bonus

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Last year I purchased Experts Academy  by Brendon Burchard, and
I gladly paid full asking price for it.

And so did 3 or 4 of my best friends, all on my recommendation.

Every single one of them, including their wives, felt it was the
best investment they’ve ever made in their online business in years.

I also sold something like 200 copies of Experts Academy to my list.

Here’s the best part:

I had more positive feedback from the original Experts Academy  course than pretty much any other product I’ve ever offered to my list.

Here’s the bad part:

Experts Academy 2.0 just went live.

But Brendon says he’s only accepting 400 students this time around.

Considering the fact that I sold close to 200 copies of the
original course to my list alone…

I’d say now would be a great time to join. or at least check it out and see
if it’s right for you.

So if you’ve even remotely considered joining Experts Academy Elite then now would be a great time to check it out, before it sells out.

Check out Experts Academy Bonus  for more details.

Jeff Johnson


I was the #1 affiliate for the original Experts Academy for one
reason, and one reason only…

My Experts Academy Bonus was the best.

And my new Bonus is even better!

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Consumer notice: This message contains my affiliate link. If you buy
E.A. 2 from it I may get paid a commission, and if I do I’m
willing to give you my Experts Academy Bonus.


And this video explains everything you need to know about Experts Academy Elite