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Free Affiliate Marketing Videos on Product Creation and Promotion

Thursday, September 6th, 2007

This summer I had the pleasure of speaking at Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula Workshop.

He was selling seats for just under $5000 and it sold out well in advance.

My presentation was almost 2 hours long… don’t worry, my guys chopped it up into 13 segments and added a “table of contents” to each page.

That means you can watch some of it now, and save some of it for later 😉

World’s First – I also had my guys create what I believe is the world’s first “Social Media Youtube Template”.

I was actually inspired by pr-squared’s excellent Social Media Press Release.

I’ve been playing around with youtube video optimization lately and my “Social Media Youtube Optimization Template” is just a small part of it.

But that whole youtube video optimization thing will have to wait until a later post…

Here’s a hint: If you’d like to check out the beta version of my “”Social Media Youtube Optimization Template” just watch the affiliate marketing videos 😉

Back to the Affiliate Marketing Videos:

During my presentation I outlined my philosophy behind Affiliate Marketing: Product Creation and Promotion.

I went into great detail behind my process for creating and promoting new affiliate products and I even shared one of my very own real-life case studies.

The crowd loved my presentation and I hope you do too 🙂

Free Affiliate Marketing Videos

And here is my personal profile page at youtube :Jeff Johnson Videos


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