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Traffic Getting SEO Plugin for WP

Friday, March 13th, 2009

Just about to release my new wp plugin called Traffic Getting SEO Plugin.

It does all kind of cool SEO ninja type stuff for your wordpress blog.

And since it is a wp plugin.. you can simply install it in any newer version of wordpress and just be done with it.

Easier, faster, and more powerful than ever.

Traffic Getting SEO Plugin

Free Blog Tool Puts RSS Feed Buttons On Your Blog Fast

Monday, September 10th, 2007

My guys just finished a new free blog tool for you.

It creates “add to my…” rss feed buttons from your feedburner feeds in one easy step.

You’ll see examples of the “add to my yahoo, add to my google, etc.” buttons in the right sidebar of this wordpress blog.

Normally you have to create these “add to my…” buttons one by one and it’s a real pain in the butt!

Not anymore!

My new blog tool creates up to 22 of the rss buttons for you… pick and choose as many, or as few as you wish.

Best of all…. it’s a free but only if you promise to add my rss feed buttons to your rss reader or “my yahoo/my google” type pages 🙂

Free Blog Tool for RSS Feed Buttons


Open Source Software Resources

Friday, May 11th, 2007

I have been using open source software for years to make money on the net.

Open source software basically means “free software”.

Some of the popular open source programs/standards I use in my business are:

and many, many more.

One of the best resources for locating open source software is:

And one of the best sources of books that are written about open source software is:
Packt Publishing

I own at least a half dozen or more open source books published by Packt Publishing and I’m ordering more today.

That brings me to why I’m writing you this email.

Packt sent me a catalog in the mail last night.

In the catalog they listed a 30% discount coupon code for ordering new books.

They also told me to “share it with your friends”… so I am.

Here’s the 30% discount code: “2007catalog”. (coupon expires October 31st, 2007)

Just enter that code into the shopping cart at checkout and they’ll give you 30% off if you buy 2 or more books.

I believe they’ll still give you at least 20% off if you order just one book.

Either way it is a great resource and open source software has been very good to me…

And Packt donates cash to the open source community for every open source book they sell.

So I thought I’d pass this tip and this discount coupon along to the friends on my list.

Every book we buy helps keep software programs like Apache and mysql in development so every one wins 🙂


Jeff Johnson