Tweaking myspace layouts graphics and backgrounds for maximum business exposure

I had to create a quick “pimp your myspace” overview video for my clients and I thought you’d enjoy it too.

Here’s the background:

My staff is creating social networking pages for them and I needed to highlight the areas of their myspace profiles that we can modify (profile, pictures, extended network, about me, friends, videos, etc).

It’s only about 3 minutes long but pretty much explains everything you need to know about pimping myspace profiles for businsess networking, leads, or promotions.

Yes, I could have made it 5 hours long and gotten into great detail but it’s just an intro piece so enjoy it for what it is 🙂

Jeff Johnson

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8 Responses to “Tweaking myspace layouts graphics and backgrounds for maximum business exposure”

  1. jim says:

    Hey this looks good.

    I know that the facebook craze is going off at the moment so it would be wise to get in there and fix up your myspace page and get it noticed then add the same look in facebook.

    Your designs will help you interact with others, and use them to get more traffic and more sales.

    Jeff Johnson says: Yes, Facebook is the momentum play in this market.

    But don’t discount the sheer volume of myspace users… 4 times the size of facebook.

    Not to mention that facebook may be facing a revolt of its current base by reducing the previous level of privacy their users enjoyed.

    However, I’m sure their newest moves will actually increase their reach and is a good move on their part.

    I think opening up the api to outside programmers and allowing them to monetize it, combined with their opening of the profiles to the search engines is huge.

    We are definitley working with facebook and will continue to work with all the other social networking sites, too.

  2. Marian says:

    I always wanted to get into the Myspace…but never actually did it. Though I have my profile – it’s just a basic one.

    I hope I’ll find some time to setup some professional presence there! I know it’s worth the effort, there are thousands of people there.


  3. jerry says:

    hey jeff
    i like your video tutorial because you explain the info so clearly the most people. You give step by step info on how to post your pictures, products, and other helpful tips to carry on business website. Meaning if someone wanted to advertise a job, product, or if he or she wanted to posted their profile on-line, you exolained it to the fullest.Others don’t talk as clearly as you did and they couldn’t get the info correct;but hearing it from you now give me the boost to search alot of websites, and posted my profile, or products on-line now. thanks.

  4. David Birley says:

    Even though facebook is good and is getting MASSIVE traffic, Myspace is better for being able to customize your layouts.

    I have a myspace page being built that (legally) allows me to grow my list DIRECTLY from my page (i.e. the opt in form is on the myspace page – no need to send them to another page off the site…)

    I think there are two awesome features of Facebook:

    1) Targetted CPA or CPM advertising where you can define specific groups and locations to look at an ad (and pay for it). Its really something else, and

    2) The ability to create applications.

    Take a look at guys like Mike Filsaime and Pay Dot Com(.com) who have applications that if you place on your facebook profile, they update automatically.

    Think about different markets – sites like Hi5 are huge in Latin America (in some countries are ranked NUMBER 1 by Alexa!). Orkut (by google) is MASSIVE in India…

  5. brad says:

    Yeah, i use facebook and myspace as marketing tools and have gotten great results from them 😛 (i.e. 30,000 vists in one month)

    I use pimpmyspace type sites to make myspace look professional in a flash. Just cut & paste and your done. A Great idea for newbies.

  6. tiger says:

    so jeff, i know you are a big shot and probably got a copy of the new stompernet program. is there anything different about it than what you are espousing here? i love your no nonsense attitude and would like to know your honest thoughts. thanks!

    Jeff Johnson says: No, that pretty much sums it up. But all the traffic in the world won’t do you any good if it can’t be converted into sales. So focus on learning marketing first, and traffic second.

  7. David Birley says:

    Hi there Jeff,

    Thanks for the video – I never knew you could look at the “code” behind the layouts…

    I (hopefully) got your site a bit of extra traffic by digging your video!

    And it got number two on google (for a short time at least!)

    Check out the pic at



  8. Merc says:

    bookmarked Lots of info///thanks

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