21 Top Video Sharing and Video Clip Sites

Here’s a list of 21 popular Video Sharing sites that accept your video clips.. most are free.

This list of video sharing sites owes its start to a Video Hosting article from the August 2007 issue of Videomaker magazine.

When I finished reading the article I thought “Man, wouldn’t it be nice if they actually listed something other than just the names of these video sharing sites?”…

So I had my web 2.0 team get to work and take that initial list of sites and expand it to include descriptions, tags, premium services, file types accepted, etc.

They came up with an initial list of 77 video sharing sites and video clip sites but the list was so huge that I decided to just post a list of 21 Top Video Sharing Sites just for you… and it’s free.

21 Top Video Sharing Sites – Click Here!

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3 Responses to “21 Top Video Sharing and Video Clip Sites”

  1. Chris Garvey says:

    Wow Jeff! Not only is this a great resource you’ve provided here for free, I’m simply amazed I’m the only one to comment yet. For a near complete ‘noob, this is dynamite stuff. Along with the other two lists. Just great.

    PS: Visited you MySpace page earlier, also can’t believe only around 125 video views on most of those vids, also killer stuff. I’ll be back later to sign up to both your MySpace and YouTube channels. Thanks a Million.

    Jeff Johnson says: Actually, there have been thousands of views on different “versions” of that video. These are the ones I set up specifically for a youtube test. Thanks for the feedback!

  2. David Birley says:

    I can’t agree more.

    In fact, i said it in a testimonial you put on one of your sales pages (right above Yanik silver – I was chuffed)…

    Jeff simply provides amongst the BEST free resources online.

    A new resource guide I am bringing out references this site, because there’s no need to “re-invent the wheel” so to speak.

    Some people CHARGE for the info that’s here for FREE.

    I don;t know about you, but i like free (especially when the content is actually good).

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