Top Video Search Engines

Here’s a list of video search engines that we just put together for you.

And don’t forget to check out our list of 21 top video sharing and video clips sites, too.


Jeff Johnson

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5 Responses to “Top Video Search Engines”

  1. Don West says:

    Jeff- I just received your message concerning the affiliate content machine. I have a question for you…money is not exactly flowing out of a fountain for me at the momnent. Is there ANY way that I could reserve a copy of the software, but pay for it in a couple of payments BEFORE you send it to me? Tis the only way I can do it. Pleas let me know, will you? Thanks!

    Jeff Johnson says: I’ll have my partner set up payment plans in the very near future. I’ll be sure to announce it to everyone.

  2. Diana says:


    Thank you these links, you guys did a great job!


    Jeff Johnson says: You are welcome! Please be sure to share this site with friends!

  3. Margaret says:


    I tired to open the link, to save it but it does not work neither way.

    Jeff Johnson says: You can’t save it to your desktop (it’s not that type of file) but I just tried the link and it works.

  4. Chris Garvey says:

    Another great list. And though you can’t ‘save’ it to your desktop folks, I’m shoestring winging it to learn how to use spreadsheets, and you can copy and paste it into Open Office text or calc pretty easy. Thanks Again Jeff. Gave me two great lessons. THE lists and practicing my OO Spreadsheet skills.
    Very cool.

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