Web 2.0 – Social Networking and Community Sites You can start one for less than $100 in a single afternoon

Only a few hundred people have ever seen this presentation.

Even fewer have ever heard the complete audio recordings that go along with it; I’ve only released bits and pieces of it before now…

But you can have the entire presentation including the full audio files for free.

Here’s more about the “Community Sites can Make You Rich….” presentation:

It consistes of a 39 page PDF file made from the power points of the presentation, as well as one hour and 54 minutes worth of free audio content.

The audio was recorded live during a call I hosted for my coaching clients… great stuff.

You can download the free presentation here:

Community Sites can Make You Rich – Click Here!

Check out this highly recommended Community Site Training Program

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17 Responses to “Web 2.0 – Social Networking and Community Sites You can start one for less than $100 in a single afternoon”

  1. Francois says:

    Thanks for your free offer.
    We are waiting for a successful internet business under your mentoring.
    Warm regards.


    Jeff Johnson says: You are welcome, thanks for stopping by!

  2. ifeanyi says:

    a good better like im here working as a trainee here in stencom am here send a message own my idea your product is good networking and dvd if i can get the best product for and more information u thank u

  3. Anthony says:

    Thank for your give

  4. John says:

    Thank you for the information. I have successfully set up and promoted a few web 2.0 type sites. I was just wondering what type of traffic strategies you have to get a lot of registrations in a short amount of time.


    Jeff Johnson says: Selling products through your affiliates, distributing articles to the web 2.0 sites that focus on a current event that is hot, asking an authority site to recommend you to their list, giving away free high quality content and surrounding it with opt in forms.

  5. Davin says:

    Wow, I’ve heard your name around for a while but really didn’t realize you had so many excellent resources available for great information Jeff. I’m totally impressed with all your stuff I’ve seen so far. I’m glad a friend of mine put me on to you.
    Much appreciation!

    The Davinator

    Jeff Johnson says: I’m glad you liked like it…. Spread the word!

  6. fundraisers says:


    Good stuff! Looking forward to more on community sites and Web 2.0.


    Jeff Johnson says: Thanks! But I pretty much have to slow down on adding such detailed content to my blog and concentrate on the club, at least for now. the 3 1/2 hours that is already here should keep you busy for now 🙂

  7. sattar says:

    hi i like you

  8. Mary says:

    Thanks – yes I got the audios most interesting then my poor brain was scrambled over Easter with computer technical problems but I sorted them, now to go back and check your stuff out again.

    Jeff Johnson says: I hope you at least had a great Easter with your family!

  9. Mark says:

    Do you have any plans to provide step-by-step video tutorials for some of your traffic techniques in the future? I am sure they would be far more beneficial to the member than powerpoint slideshows.

    Great content in the club but not so easy to digest thats all!

    Jeff Johnson says: The club does have video tutorials and DVDs and from my live coaching seminars so they should help.

  10. Kwame says:

    Great information Jeff. Great content. Can’t wait for more on Web 2.0.

  11. Kwame says:

    Jeff, Great information on Web 2.0 and IBP. Looking forward to more stuff.

  12. Jeff-Thank you for all the information on your Video/Audio/PDF Presentations – Very Professional and Informative.
    Not only on Web 2.0 but info on other necessary marketing tools.

    Jeff Johnson says: You’re Welcome!

  13. George Marshall says:

    Looks like we can learn a lot from you in an area that is new for us: Social Networking. Jeff, I’d appreciate your reaction to our Vision Statement for our new community-oriented business. Does it sound like something you’d tell your list about?

    Jeff Johnson says: The link didn’t work so I removed it. However, judging by the url I’d say it was a health site. I’m sorry but this blog has nothing to do with health.

  14. Lee says:

    I got the PDF, but where is the link to the audio?

    Jeff Johnson says:

    Sorry, but the audio, along with 3 1/2 hours worth of other exclusive audio, video and PDF content is for subscribers only.

    If you subscribe to this list you will be sent the link to the exclusive content:

  15. David Birley says:

    Awesome content – especially pages 1-39… :-). All it takes is one good tip. For me – it’s your thoughts of Joomla usage going forward.

    One question – the link in the above post & the pdf document point towards undergroundconfessions/index.html but that link just takes you back to the most recent post on this blog?

    I would love to subscribe.


  16. David Birley says:

    If you’re reading this and want more information on community sites – head over to Jeff’s other blog at http://searchenginevoodoo.com/wordpress and have a look…


  17. Brad says:

    Iam quite impressed at the amount of quality information you put into this pdf and the best part it’s free. 🙂

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