Free Affiliate Marketing Videos on Product Creation and Promotion

This summer I had the pleasure of speaking at Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula Workshop.

He was selling seats for just under $5000 and it sold out well in advance.

My presentation was almost 2 hours long… don’t worry, my guys chopped it up into 13 segments and added a “table of contents” to each page.

That means you can watch some of it now, and save some of it for later 😉

World’s First – I also had my guys create what I believe is the world’s first “Social Media Youtube Template”.

I was actually inspired by pr-squared’s excellent Social Media Press Release.

I’ve been playing around with youtube video optimization lately and my “Social Media Youtube Optimization Template” is just a small part of it.

But that whole youtube video optimization thing will have to wait until a later post…

Here’s a hint: If you’d like to check out the beta version of my “”Social Media Youtube Optimization Template” just watch the affiliate marketing videos 😉

Back to the Affiliate Marketing Videos:

During my presentation I outlined my philosophy behind Affiliate Marketing: Product Creation and Promotion.

I went into great detail behind my process for creating and promoting new affiliate products and I even shared one of my very own real-life case studies.

The crowd loved my presentation and I hope you do too 🙂

Free Affiliate Marketing Videos

And here is my personal profile page at youtube :Jeff Johnson Videos


Jeff Johnson

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3 Responses to “Free Affiliate Marketing Videos on Product Creation and Promotion”

  1. Taqi says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Could you please please tell me when you are gonna reopen Super affiliate coaching club doors? Thanks Jeff.

    Jeff Johnson says: I’m not sure when; I’m hosting a “Get More Traffic Blueprint” seminar in November, lauching the new TKP shared hosting system in October, and we just launched a new social networking software development division…. so it may be awhile 🙂

  2. David Birley says:

    Hey Jeff,

    Last i checked (about a minute ago), you’re no.1 for the long term “Youtube Optimization Template” on Google.


    But – Joel comm has an actual PICTURE of a video next to his youtube listing (at number 2).

    Which will get the “click”? Yours or his?

    Have you tested the effectiveness on click through rates of having the actual picture showing?

    Jeff Johnson says: I spent an entire 5 minutes optimizing for that phrase. speaking strictly from a usability standpoint… pictures are very strong magnets for the human eye… much stronger than text.

  3. David Birley says:

    I just came across a service called “Socialmatic” – that allows you to submit your bookmarks to about 15 places in one hit.


    It would be great to have something like that for all of the social networking sites as well!!!

    Go to ONE site, submit what you want, and save a truckload of time…

    Would work for me!



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