Free ebook publishing software and training

One of my mastermind partners, Eben, is giving away a complete eBook publishing package, including landing page and salesletter templates, eBook templates, free software, and even video training.

Free ebook publishing software

I signed up for it myself and checked it out for you.

He really could sell this thing for $97 or more… it has a very professional look and feel to it.

But he’s giving it away for free… at least for now.

Free ebook publishing software

Why is it free?

Simple, he’s trying to build buzz for a new coaching program he has coming out.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND his coaching program.

But if even if you aren’t interested in the coaching program…

The free ebook publishing package he’s giving away is fantastic.


The whole software is based on “push button” “fill-in-the-blank” technology.

You fill in the blanks and it produces the landing pages, the sales letters, and even integrates your email optin form for you.

Download it here:
Free ebook publishing software


7 Responses to “Free ebook publishing software and training”

  1. Eben. Eben. Eben.

    The guy is a genius. I love his style and cool approach to marketing. Although I have to yet to attend any of his seminars, I’ve seen all of his videos and the information he shares is awesome.

    I look forward to Eben in 2008 and beyond.

  2. Li says:

    So Eben is transparent, you are transparent about the purpose of the ebook. All launches and affiliate behavior should be more like this. Unfortunately, since the program is sold out, the Ebook package is no longer available, just FYI. Thank you for this, though.

  3. charles says:

    I am in need of an ebook publishing software like the one you mentioned here. It’s not available anymore from that site. Do you know if its available elsewhere or have another recommendation?

    Jeff Johnson says: All your really need is a program that converts text files to PDF files.

    Adobe offers a free online pdf conversion

    I use adobe acrobat professional 8. adobe acrobat professional 8 free trial

  4. brad says:

    i think the link to the free package dead?

    Jeff Johnson says: it looks like they have taken it down and now require that you join their mailing list… but it doesn’t way whether or not they’ll give you the software once you do.

  5. David Birley says:

    He gave away free quiz making software as well. It was available (not sure if it still is) if you opted into his list at

    Easy to use, and only works on windows.


  6. David Birley says:

    Hey Jeff, even though it’s free, how does it compare to something like ebook generator from Armand Morin?


    Jeff Johnson says: ebookgenerator is a .exe program designed to restrict access to “buyer’s only”. I believe this one was a siimply pdf type product.

  7. Bruce says:

    is there an updated link to grab this software? the one in this post says “All Sold Out”

    Jeff Johnson says: Sorry, that’s all they are offering at this time.

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