Jeff Johnson Videos

You’ll find several hours worth of free videos from Jeff Johnson here:
Jeff Johnson Videos

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20 Responses to “Jeff Johnson Videos”

  1. Dear Jeff, I would like access to your free videos, thank you

  2. Thomas Rozof says:

    Thanks for the videos.


  3. Justin Spencer says:

    Hi Jeff, I would like the link to your two hour video presentation. Thanks, Justin

    Jeff Johnson says: Sorry, but I believe the full two hour presentation is only available to my Super Affiliate Coaching Club Members at this time.

  4. I just went through the whole 13 part series and I have to say, it was stupendous! =) Though its a sad thing that you do them fast and to limited numbers. Would love to see you speak live 🙂

    Awesome 2 hours mate! 😉

  5. I’ve watch these videos back in October and loved it. I’ve gotten a few good tips from it as well … well maybe more than a few but anything that Jeff does is always good. Soon to add him to my Masters List. 🙂

  6. David Leffler says:

    Content, content, and more content. What a wealth of knowledge and information. Jeff must have a photographic memory.

  7. Abel says:

    Hi Jeff,

    I learned about you and your videos while doing a search about affiliate marketing on Youtube. There are many videos about the subject out there but only talk what affiliate marketing is about but your 13 videos are priceless. You let me peek in the “how’s” of making money in this field.

    Thanks for the generosity in providing them for free.

  8. David Leffler says:

    This information is two years ahead of the marketplace.

  9. David Birley says:

    I subscribe to Jeff on Youtube. He’s got cool free content, as has Eben Pagan (Get Altitude) and Alex Mandossian (Instant Teleseminars).

  10. Z Solomons says:

    Hello Jeff, your opening video make sense, you need to understand why you doing it and also to plan before the website goes or blog. What I like about the videos, the way explain to is to the point.

    I really think you start a weekly video, you really know you stuff, but that only comes with testing, and asking questions, and to know what you want. After the first video, I started to ask my self, what is that I really want, I to want to work from home and spend more time with famliy.

    What I pick is that you are really tech brain guy, with code etc, you mention the books that you buy and also the open software.

    You really make sense, sometimes one needs to stop and think on what you do. You got my vote for 2008. If anyboy is reading this, bookmark now… Jeff is going places 2008, and want to go..

    Jeff keep it up and may you have many more success. but lets us know on what works and what’s not.. 🙂

  11. Steven Shaw says:

    Thanks Jeff for all the free content you give. A complete newbie could come to your site first and save themselves a lot of money, instead of jumping all over the net, spending willy nilly, when facing that initial learning curve.
    Steven Shaw

  12. Steven Shaw says:

    Thanks Jeff for all the free content. A complete newbie would be better off coming to your site first to learn, instead of jumping all over the net wasting a lot of money and time.
    Steven Shaw

  13. Hey Jeff, just watched your contest video. Looks like you got a decent amount of traffic to it. I gave you a good rating and posted a comment. Hope you get some external traffic from it.


    PS. You YouTube video library is a great place for some good free marketing content. Thanks for sharing.

  14. David Leffler says:


    I tell everyone it’s free content, and nobody believes me. Jeff is the best secret since the
    COKE formula.

  15. David Birley says:

    Jeff’s stuff is GOLD. Head on over to youtube and add him subscribe to his videos…

    Spend the time checking out the videos he has up there. It’s worth it.

    Cheers, Dave

  16. David Leffler says:

    The lesson is clear, quality content plus a solid linking strategy secures your future.

    Join Jeff Johnson’s Super Affiliate Coaching Club and plan big for your future.

    Dave leffler

  17. Teri says:

    Dear Jeff: I reviewed your videos and I find that not only have you covered the vital information on starting a business on the internet but you do it with such simplicity. I am a follower of your methods and am implementing what I have learned. You move in a world that all of us dream about and you seem to have the golden touch. I have reviewed many products from the so called experts and did not find the content I needed or that would even help me to achieve my goals. I truly look foward to getting your products and becoming a successful internet marketer.
    Teri Salvador

  18. Darcy John says:

    G’day Jeff – I just watched those videos. Thanks big time – you filled-in a few gaps for me – Thanks again!


  19. Mike says:

    Hi Jeff
    Am not able to access
    would you have any other link that has replaced the aforementioned one.
    If yes, pl. share.
    If you think that the above Video is not contemporary any more, pl. share the one you think would be helpful for a novice to IM.
    thanks a bunch !
    With Warm regards, Mike

  20. Jeff Johnson says:

    It’s live, please check again.

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