UndergroundConfessions Promotional Contest

The UndergroundConfessions Contest is now Live!

You could win a 24 inch apple imac, Nintendo Wii bundle, or one of those really cool new apple ipod nanos.

5 Responses to “UndergroundConfessions Promotional Contest”

  1. David Leffler says:

    Why read the rules when Bob Silber has set up the contest. I have no need to worry.

    Just win baby!

  2. George says:

    Gosh, the things I could do with a new iMac. Just finishing up college and finding a website like this, that offers incredible web trafficking and marketing skills has been a blessing! Thanks Jeff!

    I’m planning on developing new concepts for web development for people around the world this year – Count me in on this contest!

  3. George says:

    JK – Not valid in FL? =(

  4. David Birley says:

    Thanks for running the Contest Jeff. Legend.


  5. David Leffler says:


    Great prize selection. I love toys. Did you see some of the new stuff at CES this year? How about an eleven foot flat panel TV, made by LG.

    Have you ever been to CES in Vegas?

    Dave Leffler

    Jeff Johnson Says: I’ve been to Vegas every year duing the show for the last few years… but we never make it to the show.

    That huge plasma by panasonic was also killer.

    Man, I love gadgets!

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