stompernet bonus for seo course

Stompernet Bonus

My friends Andy Jenkins and Brad Fallon are opening up stompernet again… but only for a very short time… as always.

It sells out quickly.

And they always offer killer “fast action bonus” items for those who join on launch day.

Important: The best stompernt bonus items will snatched up long before they close the doors… again.

Head on over to Stompernet Bonus and grab yours while you still can.

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2 Responses to “stompernet bonus for seo course”

  1. webie says:

    Hi Jeff

    I part of you mailing list and have followed your content and found it does work but i am submitting this post because you are supporting stompernet i signed up to this cost me a lot of money i only found out due to Brad Callon as you have put your good name up to support stompernet you need to know whats going on this will tarnish your good name in SEO marketing world .

    I am too still waiting for my stompernet dvds and some extra one i purchased i live in UK and i getting very worried been two months now can not seem to contact any support about my order i only got heard about stompernet through seo elite IE Brad Callon it really making wonder if we have been scamed if my thoughts are correct what a scam next step is to email Brad Callon on my thoughts and next to talk to my bank to try and recover my lost money i am not happy and it looks like world wide customers are having the same trouble this is really bad have we all just been SCAMMED!! is Stompernet a SCAM or not??

    Kind Regards

    World wide customers are not happy look here see for yourself.

    Jeff says: Everyone makes mistakes, even me. Stompernet had no idea just how popular their offer would be and we slammed with demand for it.

    They as NOT scammers… they are just experiencing a few growing pains.

    My advice is quite simple; their net effect magazine is worth every penny and so are the DVDs.

    I’d be patient and wait for them.

  2. webie says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Just thought I post an update received my dvd’s from Stompernet just wanted to say big sorry for me not being patient and thank you Jeff for your content it teached me so much and still does your SEO content is second to none great job THANK YOU!

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